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The Artos Cultural and Research House is an organization that specializes in four pillars: Contemporary Arts, Science, Innovation, and Social Impact. It is a natural evolution from ARTos Foundation which for 21 years (2000-2021) contributed to the local and European culture in the fields of Cultural research, creativity, scientific thinking, and social impact. 
Its premises offer a platform for scientists, artists, researchers, and creative individuals to participate in various cultural and research programs at a local as well as an international level. Artos House is engaged and stimulates social debate on contemporary social challenges and provides tangible solutions/experiences to society while supporting the creative industry. It also functions as a crossdisciplinary space, organizing and undertaking the production of events such as innovation, performances, concerts, cinema, training, education, entrepreneurship, private events, conferences, digital activism, etc. 
Its spaces are available for rent by other organizations and individuals.
Artos House has a strong European and International network, with which there is a lot of know-how exchanges and participates in a variety of EU projects while blending creativity with the economy, research, entrepreneurship, and policy development. 
is a hub for creativity, design, and entrepreneurship at all levels and education for the new challenges of contemporary societies during the 4th industrial revolution. At ARTOS, the culture of the researcher is highly appreciated, promoted, and shared. It is where artists, thinkers, writers, scholars, and researchers co-exist and creatively interact with each other by utilizing their potential, establishing, improving, and advancing their ideas.

The space

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