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Does Europe Exist? 

Does Europe Exist? is a project initiated by ARTos Foundation and aims to investigate Europe at a National, European and International (neighboring countries) level.
Is Europe a need for grouping together (like many times in human history and then go separate ways)? Fear of another war? A Need for identity? A need for power and competition? Or is it a real need and we try to create a culture out of it? The project “Does Europe exist? v1.0” was first implemented in 2012 when Cyprus had the presidency of the Council of Europe. In a paradoxical way, the results of the exhibition and the symposium seemed to be a ‘prophetic’ scenario of a film we experiencing today, in relation to immigration, the Syrian conflict, the Brexit, etc. It was natural, to return back, 5 years later and re-evaluate this project from a local, European and peripheral perspective now and in the future.

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