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Artecitya is a Europe-wide project bringing together artists, architects, planners, researchers and citizens to re-create the cities we want to live in. The priority was to stimulate a vigorously innovative approach to the concept of urban life taking into account the sociological evolution and people’s needs. Artecitya grouped 9 co-organizers from around Europe devoted to planning and developing towns and cities, particularly regarding their architectural and artistic content. Worked side by side for several years on a rigorous programme of activity, the partners have obtained practical experience and developed methods of intervening in urban development directly involving artists, architects, town planners and the local populations.

During the preliminary four-year period, numerous architects and artists, worked hand in hand with town and townscape planners, to build up collaborative processes, create effective results in public spaces and, develop new business models to ensure the sustainability of projects and their self-financing. They furthered study innovative financing measures and promoted means for raising awareness, informing and even training the public to take part in the transformation and improvement of their own districts and neighbourhoods.

 Artecitya is supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Creative Europe / Culture programme.

Partner Organizations:

Bellastock (Paris), Apollonia (Strasbourg), KUNSTrePUBLIK (Berlin, Germany), ARTos Foundation (Nicosia, Cyprus), MoTA (Ljubljana, Slovenia), CCEA (Prague, Czech Republik), Laznia CCA (Gdansk, Poland), Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki (Greece) and TIF-Helexpo (Thessaloniki, Greece).


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