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MAPS - Mapping & Archiving Public Spaces

MAPS - Mapping & Archiving Public Spaces, is a project devoted to a deeper understanding of architecture, public spaces and monuments of the 20th century. It deals with spaces that have gone through a process of transformation within which they have acquired a new meaning.


The MAPS - Mapping and Archiving Public Spaces project aims to identify, map and archive
public spaces, architecture and monuments which are part of our common history,
but are not yet identified as such. MAPS develops a methodology of redefining the
role of public spaces, and an approach of rethinking monuments as places, which carry
significant symbolic power for the inhabitants, the immediate users of those public

MAPS builds a digital landscape with in-depth research on Nonuments, including 3D scans and oral histories, collected within the community. MAPS develops an interdisciplinary methodology for preserving Nonuments and builds open-source tools for community engagement in the inclusive online database and map.

MAPS is a cooperation project, partly funded by Creative Europe. It joins partners from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria, Serbia, Cyprus and Czech Republic.

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