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Park in Progress

On the 29 September – 5 October 2014, ARTos Foundation, within its 10-year anniversary hosted the edition of “Park in Progress” in the Municipal Gardens of Nicosia. In the heart of the city, international and Cypriot artists were given the opportunity to explore this place through a transdisciplinary and site-specific approach.


“Park in Progress” is a nomadic mobility program initiated by Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, supported by the European Commission (Culture Programme), which gathers young artists and professionals from the creative and cultural world who work on the different steps of creation, production, and diffusion of a project. “Park in Progress” connected 8 different places in 7 different countries (Saint-Cloud and Montreuil in France, Pannonhalma in Hungary, Nottingham in the United Kingdom, Mons in Belgium, Huesca in Spain and Nicosia in Cyprus.


The program consisted of two sections: a short 7-day Artists Residency (29 September – 5 October 2014) where the participants met and developed common proposals following the program’s concept “encounter and joint creation”, and the “European Night of Young Creation”, on the 5 October, which took place in the Nicosia Municipal Gardens and where participants artists shared their proposals with a broad audience in a perambulation. For this particular stage of the program, a hint of circus colored the transdisciplinary landscape of the artistic proposals, connecting them in an interactive and most lively way by showcasing a multitude of performances, sound and video installations, contemporary dance and music.

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